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April 24, 2011

Pleasant Hill

Nestled within the breathtaking Bluegrass Region of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is the country’s largest restored Shaker community and an exceptional historical landmark. Visitors to this serene retreat can experience the property’s 3,000 acres of scenic farmland at The Inn at Shaker Village, where myriad recreational activities, delicious cuisine, and unique shopping opportunities await. Explore this peaceful way of life as you stroll the grounds and carefully restored buildings of this extraordinary national treasure.

"Pleasant Hill is a wonderful place. My husband and I have visited this peaceful place many times. Each time we go the time passes too quickly.Looking at our pictures, I was once again transported to this very special place. I can see and experience the different rooms we have stayed in, the home cooked meals we have enjoyed there, and the horse-drawn wagon ride and the ghost stories told to us as we past the stone fences and the quiet fields and pastures in early evenings. Back home, it is a joy to use my shaker broom to sweep my kitchen floor and enjoy family meals at our shaker custom made cherry table and chairs. The shaker simplicity reminds me daily of the beauty of Pleasant Hill. I can hardly wait to go again."  Glenview, IL.

April 20, 2011

Lady of the Lakes

While living in London, authoress Beatrix Potter escaped to the picturesque Lake District of England as often as she could, enjoying bucolic farm life and reveling in the area’s charming lifestyle.
 In 1905, she purchased the seventeenth-century cottage and garden known as Hill Top in the village of Near Sawrey—a place where she eventually relocated permanently. It was within this tranquil countryside that Beatrix married and became a fervent conservationist.
With an inheritance from her family and the profits from her books, she acquired farms and land throughout the Cumbrian region, and, upon her death, left fourteen farms and more than 4,000 acres of land to the British National Trust.
 Today, her splendid legacy lives on, and the rich beauty of her beloved lakeside surroundings will be preserved in her honor for generations to come.